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October 15, 2007
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whipplosion by shelzie whipplosion by shelzie
another variation on the 'headshots of the same breed' theme I did here; of course I couldn't resist my favourite breed as the subject! :D and I did want a chance to include =therevolutionbegins's Mask and ~Taintedkitten's Celeste since I hadn't drawn them in my previous dA whippet tribute and I love seeing new whippet characters anyhow and these two had lovely markings and colours. This picture started with those two and Swift, and basically exploded (hence the title). again, I guess it was also an experiment with trying to show variation in character design within a particular breed, which I've actually been playing around with for a while already but never to this extent.

(I had to include Azzy and Rose even though ~Cerzz and ~Nulde haven't been seen here in months because I miss them. D': )

anyway. featured, anti-clockwise from top middle:

Rose © ~Nulde
Encore © ~scbordercollie01
Flying Whippet © ~Queen-of-Greyhounds
Beezle © ~FireflyStudios
Asp is mine.
Mask © =therevolutionbegins
Aztecca © ~Cerzz
Celeste © ~Taintedkitten
Blaire © =losdoberman
..and Swift is mine of course!
Cerzz Nov 28, 2007
YEY Aztecca! :) and of course all the others rock too :) I'm loving the doberman-coloured guy :) You are so cool at this and u make Azzy look so professional :) :love:
Gotyu Oct 16, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Whippets are lovely, I have a greyhound myself, mainly down to the love of large dogs and their beautiful bone structure. I have never met a whippet that wasn't a ball of love <3 And I love your pictures, they are fantastic
awesome! This is different from your usual pics. It's like an exploding volcano of whippets :D I didn't think Swift looked like she was eating the bandanna until you mentioned it. I guess it does a little bit. Meh oh well. This is still one of my favorite pictures in your gallery. :3

Man I need to draw FW some more. I gots sooo many ideas for her. o__o *is a lazy butt*
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