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February 2, 2007
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ain't she sweet? by shelzie ain't she sweet? by shelzie
Oh ain't she sweet,
see her walking down the street
Yes, I ask you very confidentially:
ain't she sweet?

Oh ain't she nice,
look her over once or twice
Yes, I ask you very confidentially:
ain't she nice?

Just cast an eye
in her direction
Oh me oh my,
ain't that perfection?

Oh I repeat
well don't you think that's kind of neat?
Yes I ask you very confidentially:
ain't she sweet?

For ~StormyHotWolf88. 'cause you're beautiful, no matter what they say. :3

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GingersBaby Apr 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL shes really sweet for me nice job!
Razor-Wolf Feb 5, 2007   Traditional Artist
That is incredibly beautiful/cute! I really love her carefree expression, you can see it in the way she is walking too. After reading through the posts, it would be hard to imagine that you arent really into anthro art, because that is good!
shelzie Feb 5, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Aw, thanks ^^

Hey, I can draw animals, and I've had plenty of practice with figure drawing at school so it all adds up ^^ Just because I'm not much into anthros doesn't mean I can't draw them ^^ I've been trying to stylise my anthros a bit more though, make them a bit more toony and push the animal element just a tad further. Having an animal head with hair and stuck straight on a human body is just.. boring. and pointless. to me. o_o
Razor-Wolf Feb 6, 2007   Traditional Artist
I agree, I like to make creatures that appear as both man and animal look unique, have their own identity and not just an anthro face in the anthro crowd so to speak. I guess that's why I like "werewolves" more than simply anthros. because they are like a species in themselves, and usually their bodies and anatomy are very unique and not just a "canine head" stuck on a human body......well, just look at my avatar and you understand what i mean! ^_^
shelzie Feb 6, 2007  Professional Filmographer
..or I might just go with completely toony. o_O I was attempting to combine 'em again today and it wasn't working out at all. Generic werewolf anatomy is boring to me too since everyone does it. ^^;
Razor-Wolf Feb 7, 2007   Traditional Artist
lol no offense taken ^^ everyone has their own tastes!
wow, im sill trying to learn how to draw anthro's 8D
Simkaye Feb 4, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, she is really cute. :3
I love how naturally the fur patterns flow into her hair.
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